We derive what is needed for now from the philosophy of
being always aware of the needs of times, and guide
a new business to success .

The needs of customers will constantly change,representing
pursuit of good quality, improvement of functionality, and lower
costs. TASHICO has put its efforts into developing new products
that fit such new needs that the times pursue. We carry out a
thorough survey on every phase including a common
manufacturing process that has been operated conventionally,
and adequately scrutinize raw materials and costs

TASHICO always endeavors to work so closely with customers that we plan/offer products tailored explicitly for various users. We predict potentiality of new markets and the future needs to create and offer new products. "TASHICO's planning and proposals are the very things that user need and coose most." ? TASHICO's concept regarding planning is to earn a reputation like this, which has roots in our earliest company's mission.

A product lacking in the edge (value-added) will necessarily give way to any other competitive one. That is a truth proven by histoy. TASHICO is taking the design concept of 'Flexible thinking not bound by stereotypes and practices = Creation of value-added'. We will never ever jump to conclusion that "it is impossible" and always try to come up with a design that makes it possible.

Production departments are critical, not merely "operations for making something". External factors (such as procurement of materials and outgoing shipments) and internal factors (such as inventory control, manufacturing and in-house setups) closely link and interact . TASHICO acts as go-between in connecting our subcontracting production partners, supported by technical expertise, with user from the first stage of planning/design. We pursue implementation of logically, highly efficient manufacturing processes.


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Products Information
(Industrial Machinery Psrts)

We have been expanding markets shares
with new prooooducts emerging from our
creative ideas.

To abandon stereotypes and challenge creation of something new. This is a source of our past track records. We believe Flexible changes of thinking enables creation and expansion of market shares. "BEST ROLLER"and "NEW BEAR" are the proof.

Best Roller

-Best Roller for light duty
-Best Roller for heavy duty

New Bear

-Bearing for carrier rollers

Other products

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