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Management Philosophy

TASHICO holds up "The Five-Point Action Program" in order to accomplish the above-mentioned basic management policies. By putting it into practice, we will be the best-performing reliable company as seen through the eyes of our customers.

We are confident that with an eye toward a permanent growth, in no case will we neglect to strive toward making it happen. Corporate philanthropy we have been conjuring up is to grow eternally under a strong financial structure and to return our profits to society and provide our shareholders with superior returns on their investment. To assure you of making ideals a reality, TASHICO will bring the Five-Point Action Plan into effect with great thoroughness.

Place importance on flexible thinking and reaction not bound by stereotypes and practices. Have no fear of failure to challenge for further perfection.
Foresee potential new markets and future needs of customers to create and offer new products. But for an action, it will be impossible to achieve success.
  3.Value Added
Relentlessly pursue and offer creation of values added that customers always want. We are sure that a product with advantages (values added) will be necessarily chosen.
Set a selling price based on the cost accounting of a price that we believe would be acceptable to customers. That is our motto. We do not consider that a price consists of the seller-borne expenses plus α.
Work so closely with customers that we can offer good choices that suit them. Never force a seller's choice on customers. Suppose there was something you had wanted or you were looking for a good, efficient product. We are really hoping that you will call for us in a case like that.

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